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I remember being told, "…you may need both hands and one elbow operated on for nerve blockage and have fusion of two cervical vertebra."Dr. Ross didn't think so!!!!

Thanks for fixing me so I could climb fake rock walls.


After 41 years as a firefighter, I am painfully aware of the effect that neck and back injuries have on the workforce. Only after years of chronic back pain did I, very cynically, seek the services of a chiropractor. Not only did I find relief from pain, but I discovered that most of these injuries could be avoided.

Thank you, Dr. Ross, for being not only a very good chiropractor doctor, but a very good friend.I am now a firm believer in chiropractic care.

Joseph Fire Chief
Age 63

I had gone to a dozen doctors secondary to difficulty breathing. I was diagnosed with dysfunctional vocal cords (pinched C2-C4 nerves). I was recommended to have rods inserted in my neck. I then went to Dr. Anthony Ross and he resolved my breathing problem and all my cervical neck pain.

Lori Nurse
Age 48

I am a Registered Nurse who had a plate and 5 screws implanted in my cervical spine in March of 1996. Two years ago I was referred to Dr. Ross by a friend. I had severe pain in my right elbow, bilateral forearm pain, plus numb and cold hands. Dr. Ross determined that these problems were a result of my surgery and began treatment. After a few sessions, I felt much better and after a few months was pain free. I have continued my chiropractic care to stay healthy and also taken my children for evaluation and treatment by Dr. Ross. I believe that everyone can benefit from a thorough check-up and evaluation from a competent chiropractor, such as Dr. Ross.

Age 49

After nearly a decade of intermittent back and neck pain and the ineffective pursuit of relief through conventional doctors and medicine, I concluded, with the persistence of family and friends, that I should try chiropractic care. My only regret, is not seeking the services of a reputable doctor of chiropractics long ago. I would have, most definitely, been spared years of unnecessary discomfort.

Emily G.
Age 50 yrs.

I have been a police officer for thirty years.I have suffered with neck and arm pain for approximately a year.I have very limited mobility of my neck.I could not turn my head up and down or side to side. I tried medication and injections with no relief to my symptoms.Surgery was recommended for me. I was referred to Dr. Ross by a fellow police officer, and I now have full mobility of my neck and the pain is gone.I wish I would have gotten chiropractic care by Dr. Ross much sooner.

Roger 52
Police Sgt.

I have had severe arthritis pain for the past ten years and have tried several pain medications and treatment, some which helped and others which didn't. When Dr. Ross proposed trial laser treatment on my knees I thought why not? I have now had five treatments over the past three weeks and have experienced a notable improvement. My pain level has been significantly reduced; I can bear weight on the knee when climbing steps and the "clicking" has been reduced. Anyone having arthritic pain should give laser treatment a try.

I have been a patient of Dr. Ross' for years. I recently completed laser treatments for tendonitis in my upper neck which was causing an underlying almost constant nagging headache of varying degrees. I no longer have the constant discomfort. I would definitely recommend laser treatments

Business professional